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Freedom is Precious – Read New Magazine Spring Edition: Human Spirit = AR + VR + AI

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New Edition just published. Faith themed independent alternative news, views, & videos. Jumpstart your spirit & your mind together! Today is the day that we see the ‘human spirit’ being more eroded & imploded than ever before. A barrage of devastation is infiltrating the our human spirit like never before from all sides … entertainment, news, governments, social justice, law enforcement, child care, schools, universities, job markets, etc … NOW with the creation of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, & augmented reality … comes a whole new adventure in the realm of our human spirit.

We do you fall or migrate to in all of this new mix? How are you being exploited or managed? Who is in charge of your human spirit?



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May this new year of 2017 be filled with GOD’s best for you. We are living in exceptional times & today’s headlines are changing faster than the speed of light. It is difficult at best to keep up with the news of the day … locally, little less … globally.  Our yesterdays are bringing us a rollover revolution on every level. Today, becomes tomorrow quickly & we pay a tremendous price for living upon this planet, with the good, the bad, & the just plain ugly.
But, the good news is … there is always hope.  Unfortunately, too many look for hope in the wrong places. The only lasting hope comes from knowing God our Father & the plans that have already been set. Plans set at the beginning in the book of Genesis to come to their fruition in the end, the book of Revelation. Prophetically, soulfully, & naturally … these plans & purposes go beyond human control. We ARE living in those days …
Jeremiah 29:11 … For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you & not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
2 Timothy 3 …  “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affections, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”  

Over the River Thru the Woods



Here is the best in faith based independent alternative news, views, & videos to jump start your spirit & your minD together. Full of inspiration, information, & exhortation! Not for the timid of spirit, nor the faithless in heart. A free online magazine with you in mind! 

We can all tell our lives are being affected by the political scene, the wars & rumors of wars, all the business’s closing & rise in unemployment & the rise in minimum wage jobs & no career offers … making it more & more difficult to constantly choose what is right without having to go thru a mad scramble. But, in the mist of all of these changes … we keep our hope in GOD, & trust that He will always make a way for each one of us during these difficult seasons & times. We must all persevere in what we know to do for our families & friends & our work & ministry in the Faith as well. Let’s continue on & support one another in the ways that make us proud & safe together. Keeping ourselves unto the LORD in everything we do & being mindful of His Soon Coming, no matter what the world may be saying.

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A Word Fitly Spoken Magazine presents independent alternative news, views, & videos. Not for the faint of heart, nor the fearful in spirit. Full of inspiration, information, & exhortation to jumpstart the mind & the spirit together. Known as AWFSM we showcase a bi-monthly publication that stands the test of time & space.

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Do you feel a bit shaken & stirred lately because of your own circumstances? Do you feel a little shaken & stirred because of all the global circumstances that we see in the news headlines lately? Well, you are not alone … we are all suffering from these events, one way or another. But, we must also remain in faith knowing the YHWH GOD has a perfect plan that is going on in the mist of it all. And, yes … we are part of it too.

Any disciple of Jesus Christ knows that the “end of times” is upon us, because we read our bibles & pray & stay close to Him in faith. But, if you are one who does not have this ‘assurance’ may you find this your time to really press in & ask God … what on earth you need to do … what is this salvation all about … & how can you help during these days of such pressure & darkness? God will answer you as you are honest & sincere.

There is nothing too difficult for God to handle & make right. Not you, not your circumstances, not your sin … God actually desires to save you from your sins & bring you repentance & salvation … to be able to go on in this world in His faith & loving grace. You will be surprised at just how uniquely God will answer YOU.

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What is Wrong With Being Common?

This questioning title has tenaciously lingered in my mind for the past few months. Precociously tethered within a shallow stigma and pushed to the cliff of distasteful obsolescence; it seemingly mustered one final effort within my mind to be heard.


Its voice almost now a muted whisper bends my mind into a straining listening poise. I begin to sense a long lived pain and deepening sorrow for a passing away of what once use to be.

Introspectively my heart receives a string of words that seem more like a benediction, causing a response of unknown sadness.

“Oh So Common,

Left Have You Your Days

‘Twas That Which Seemed So Common

Now Has Passed Away.

Left Behind So Strangely Alone,

No One To Notice, No One To Mourn.” 


In today’s reality our lives seem to be harbored in a momentous effort to be everything but common. Consider and ponder with me a moment.

Common is not what one avidly seeks nor is taught as being generally accepted. Common is widely looked upon as a social disorder in banality. So many cliches have been assimilated that we carry a pre-disposition against that which may even appear as common.

Being associated with any form of commonness is to be ostracized in a world that is now held in a blazing stream of mass materialism and a propagation of success at all cost.

Common is usually a kin to the poor and the ignorant. Common sets a indelible mark upon a human being like a tattoo of disdain. After all, we must strive to raise above the common. We must free ourselves from the benign background of the common. We must scale an upward ladder out of our common linage to leave our mark upon this world. We must not succumb to the common, nor allow it to entrench us in its ordinary paths. We must, we must …

“Oh So Common,

‘Twere A Friend Before Your Time,

Wistful Acceptance 

Yet Wanly Pushed Aside

A Paling Glance Now Too Faded Away,

Falling On Beyond Such Bounds 

Till Forever Never Stays.” 


Unfortunately, an out of touch hybrid hyper reality is trying to replace all forms of commonality.

Producing in its stead an homogenized social class system hidden behind layered masks of separation, quite unlike any other. Promoted by a sense of intense dissatisfaction and an inner emptiness that cannot be filled; it has usurped the motto that ‘More Means Best’ and to be the best, you have to have more.

More of what you might ask?

Simply, more than the common!

No longer is it adequate or savvy to be a ‘Butcher, Baker, a Candle Stick Maker’. You must be the only and best ‘Butcher’, the only and best ‘Baker’, the only and best ‘Candle Stick Maker’. You must outwit, outsmart, out do, out shine, out class. You must, you must …

“Oh So Common,

I Wish I Would Have Known,

For Verily You Displeased The Pride

That Lingers In Perceptions Wise

So Even Now 

To Find The Common Thread For Me

I Have To Ask, Since I Cannot See.” 


Seemingly forgotten is the very realistic fact that when all is said and done, we all are very common.

Take away the superficialities and veneers of traditions, heritage, education, careers, finances, talents, social status, beliefs, and mores’. Take it all away and what is left is just a human being. Plain and simple. A human being, male, female, young, old. But all in all, just another human being.

Friend, that’s you, that’s me!

It leaves us without any schism or reveling. It leaves us, without having to prove anything to each other. It leaves us. You. Me.

Perhaps, we can talk? Do you think we could actually communicate? Do you think we could truthfully relate and have a conversation? I dare say, a whole lot more than before. I dare say yes, we could.

Think about this and consider such wonderful options. Is this what being common is? Have I heard it’s plea? Have I finally considered it’s truth in my own life? Could it be so simple?

What is wrong with being common? Nothing! Simply nothing. I believe I will accept it myself. Because I almost missed it. Yes, even in my own life. Yes, it almost was ready to leave me.

Oh, I’m so glad I listened one more time. I am common, and I do see what it means now. It is all in the mind’s eye of perception and understanding. It is all in how I see another human being.

It is my outlook upon the human being right beside me, and how I perceive myself and them. Together or separate. The human bonds of commonness that entwines each soul.

Each of us a common human being upon this earth.

No more, no less.  What rest.

by: C.L. Mareydt @ AWFSM



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